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Niche is a strange word…. Webster says that it means “a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment”.  This makes me LOL.  As a photographer, my understanding is that I am supposed to find this….in my photography.  It is a question that I have wrestled with since the beginning….. 7 looooooooong months ago.  Really, longer than that.

When I got my wedding photos back – I said to myself, “self, let’s do that.”  I only ever said it to myself. That was nearly 6 years ago.  Last year, I was in school for Healthcare Administration.  Because, that’s what I do during the day.  And it seemed easy.  And its good money.  My amazing husband and I were discussing the future, as we often do, and he asked me what I want to do with a HA degree.  I stared blankly at him.  I didn’t know. And I didn’t know, because I didn’t want to do that as my “when I grow up…” job.  He asked me, “well, what do you want to do?”  Well…….. “I want to be a photographer”.

So, here I am.  Photographer-ing.  And it’s scary.  Some people only see smiling faces staring back at them.  But this is a piece of me.  It’s my work.  It’s my passion.  It’s my artwork.  And it’s horrifying to put it out there.  (Where is “there”, anyway?)

This week I met with “my” photographer.  And she told me that it was time to find my niche and work towards that.  GASP!  The horror of making a decision!! Say it isn’t so.  I have my hand in a little bit of everything.  Newborns? Yes!  Weddings? Hell, yes! Families, Seniors, Real Estate, Commercial, Engagement? Yes, Yes, Yes.  Because…who I am to turn away business?  Well, I’m a photographer with no niche, that’s who I am!

Looks like I’ve found, with much guidance, a place to start.  I have booked my first solo wedding for this summer.  I was so excited that I almost injured myself doing my happy dance.  Then I wanted to throw up and take a nap.  A wedding.  The most pressure a photographer can have on them.  All of those one-time and first moments that you have one shot at.  Sigh….. pressure!  But I am stoked.  Over the moon excited right now.  And thankfully, I have 4 months to prepare!!

So… comfortable? No.  But in “a suitable position”?  Yep.  I got this.